Making fashion care

look modern and

feel seamless

Clothes are mass produced, bodies are not

Alternew believes your clothes should make you feel empowered and confident when you walk into a room.
We believe our clothing should be made to fit our bodies, not the other way around, and we’re determined to change it.
With a few simple adjustments, mass-produced clothing can have a bespoke fit.

Let’s find you something alternew to wear.


  • Alterations should be easy.
  • Our technicians come to you wherever you are.


  • Getting something altered or fixed should never mean being judged.
  • We prioritize training technicians in body-affirming alterations.


  • Keeping the clothing we already have for longer is the single best thing we can do for the planet.
  • Let’s reduce just like Dawn from The Babysitter’s Club taught us.

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