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“Sometimes what you’re looking for is already there”. – Aretha Franklin

Clothes are Mass Produced, Bodies Are Not

Alternew believes your clothes should make you feel empowered and confident when you walk into a room.
We believe our clothing should be made to fit our bodies, not the other way around, and we’re determined to change it.
With a few simple adjustments, mass-produced clothing can have a bespoke fit.

Say goodbye to the “nothing fits” blues.

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Why Alterations Matter

The one-cut-fits all model of mass-market clothes was designed for fashion companies, not for you. Often a few stitches in the right place are all it takes to bring your mood from Oscar, the Grouch to Rihanna-on-vacation.

…For the Planet

The fashion industry contributes up to 10% of carbon dioxide output, according to the UN Environment Programme. Feeling confident and looking good shouldn’t be on par with oil refineries drilling in our oceans. The most meaningful way we can reduce the pollution, waste, and human cost of the fashion industry is to keep what we have in our closets for longer.

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Making Sustainability the Right Fit for your Life

Let’s be honest. Alterations can be a drag. It’s inconvenient, you don’t know where to go, and you usually end up with a judgy dry cleaner asking why you didn’t buy a dress in the right size. Alternew is committed to making alterations work for your lifestyle. We’ll come to you, or you can come to us. Scheduling is a breeze through our digital experience, and we’re bringing alterations into the body-positive world with a body-affirming tailoring approach.

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