The Business Tools You’ve Always Wanted

… And Never Knew You Needed

Product Features List

Customizable Settings
  • Create list of services, price guides and frequently used surcharges/discounts
  • Setup common “work flows” to track project progress
  • Add employees for time tracking
  • Add payment accounts for easy processing and accounting
Point of Sales
  • Quickly create invoices for new projects
  • Calendar view to estimate completion date for new projects
  • Print or send customer receipt and print shop ticket with garment tags
  • Flexible payment processing (cash, credit, stripe, venmo/cash app)
Project Tracking
  • List of all active projects with filtering on employee, due date, customer etc.
  • List of all past project with filtering on employee, dates and customer etc.
  • Project time tracker and employee time tables
  • Business calendar with project counter to anticipate capacity
  • Link to send customers to schedule fittings or appointments
Customer Management
  • Automatically add new customers to your database and tracks last contact date
  • Automatic SMS/Email notifications and reminders for customer for active orders
  • Customize templates for notifications, reminders and marketing
Business Analytics
  • Pre-built revenue and time tracking reports
  • Easy excel exports for accountants