Our philosophy

Alternew believes the fashion industry has to change, and we’re working to do that. If we can improve the way that alterations are done to make them more convenient and body-affirming, then more people will want to alter their clothes.

If we can extend the life of the garments we own, improve their fit, and make simple updates to keep those clothes on-trend (even as trends change), then we can reduce 80 pounds of clothing the average American throws away each year.

With a few simple adjustments, mass-produced clothing can have a bespoke fit– and you deserve an experience of luxury that doesn’t come at the cost to the planet or drain your bank account.

“As consumers, we have so much power to change the world by just being careful in what we buy”
– Emma Watson

  • Inclusion @ Diversity Catering to all body types
  • Distributed Work Force
  • On-Demand Culture

We provide convenience and value through an on-demand alterations platform connecting service providers and customers.

  • Democratizing Customization
  • Engendering Sustainable Practices
  • Extended Clothing Life, Cost Savings

Let’s find you something alternew to wear.


  • Alterations should be easy.
  • Our technicians come to you wherever you are.


  • Getting something altered or fixed should never mean being judged.
  • We prioritize training technicians in body-affirming alterations.


  • Keeping the clothing we already have for longer is the single best thing we can do for the planet.
  • Let’s reduce just like Dawn from The Babysitter’s Club taught us.

Meet our founder

Nancy Rhodes has made her mark as a veteran in the fashion industry. She’s worked as a shoe designer for the past 15 years, and while you may not know her name, there’s a good chance you’ve worn her designs on your feet.

Throughout her 15-year career, Nancy has specialized in an affordable, accessible fashion. She’s always believed that you don’t need to be a bazillionaire to feel like a million bucks, and she’s determined to bring that same accessibility and convenience to sustainable fashion.

Nancy Rhodes, founder of Alternew
spools of colored thread

The alternew mission

Fashion needs to change, and we’re here to change it. With a few simple pins, a stitch here and there, we can deliver an improved fit and extend the life of the clothes you already own. Making alterations more accessible can reduce the 80 pounds of clothing the average American throws away each year, and we’re here to make that process just as fun as shopping for some new duds. We are dedicated to centering sustainability, inclusivity, body positivity, and clothing customization at every step of the way.

Clothes are mass produced.  Bodies are not.


40% of consumers polled claim they hold onto clothing for months before making alterations.


70% say convenience is the main obstacle in doing alterations with 27% attributing price.


60% would pay extra for on-demand services.


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