How it works

Introducing on-demand clothing alterations and repairs

The alternew approach

Say goodbye to leaving work early so you can try something on in a “fitting room” that’s just a storage room with a torn curtain. Alternew makes the most sustainable choice in a fashion to fit your lifestyle with on-site and on-demand repairs.

step 1 how it works at alternew

Step 1

Gather your tired, worn, and ill-fitting items

Has your clothing seen better days? Torn, missing buttons, hem or sleeves the wrong length? It’s time to give them each a quick refresh with new buttons, trims, or lengths.

Step 2

Click, click click

Our smooth digital experience allows you to quickly log the difficulty of your alterations to match you with the right technician for your needs. Tell us where you want the alterations done, and when you want them– and you don’t have to worry about the 6 p.m. closing time with other tailors. Alternew works for people who work.

step 2 how it works at alternew
step 4 how it works at alternew

Step 3

Enjoy on-site repairs

Your tailor will arrive at the scheduled location to perform preliminary pinning. If you’re in a rush or don’t like to wait, you can upgrade to on-site alterations and walk away with your newly refinished garments.

Step 4

Relax as your repaired garments come to you

Are you caught up on the latest Netflix original releases? Because now is the time. Sit back and relax as your revamped clothing returns to you. Once the alterations are complete, garments are messengered, shipped, or hand-delivered by your technician.

step 4 how it works at alternew
step 5 how it works at alternew

Step 5

Check out the alternew you

Who knew something you already had could feel so new? Try on your alternewed garments, snap a selfie, rock your refreshed garments on a trip to buy toilet paper– however you like to celebrate– and enjoy the unending delights of investing in the care of your wardrobe.

You deserve to feel amazing in your clothes. Bring us your tired, your weary, your poorly fitting garments and find out how we can make them alternew!



Alterations where you need them,
when you need them.
with the click
of a button.



Reduce the 80 pounds of clothing
thrown away
by the average American
each year.

Don’t just take our word for it!

86% of un-wanted clothing end up in landfills



Your body is not
and has never been
the problem.
Our experts are trained
to fit all body shapes and sizes.

I’m ready for my clothes to fit better and last longer.

Best fit clothes feel good in

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