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Alternew is pursuing startup capital through the crowdfunding platform, X, which means that you– yes, you– can directly contribute to our growth. We know that a future for sustainable fashion depends on community investment, which is why we’re relying on the community for capital at this vital stage in alternew’s development. Invest in us, so that we can invest in you, your closet, and the alterations experience you deserve to have.

How your capital will help alternew

Your investment will help us grow alternew in these essential ways:

  • Build the seamless digital alterations scheduling experience you deserve
  • Recruit seasoned alterations specialists, burgeoning talent, and pair them together in an improved ecosystem of alterations talent
  • Train our alterations specialists in the alternew approach, emphasizing sustainability, inclusivity, body positivity, and customization
  • Tailor your clothes to give them a second life, improve fit, and deliver the body-affirming alterations experience you’ve always dreamed of
spools of colored thread

The alternew mission

Fashion needs to change, and we’re here to change it. With a few simple pins, a stitch here and there, we can deliver an improved fit and extend the life of the clothes you already own. Making alterations more accessible can reduce the 80 pounds of clothing the average American throws away each year, and we’re here to make that process just as fun as shopping for some new duds. We are dedicated to centering sustainability, inclusivity, body positivity, and clothing customization at every step of the way.

How it works

Our process for delivering a
1% alterations experience
for the 99%.

Our philosophy

We believe in changing
the fashion economy
one stitch
at a time.

Don’t just take our word for it!

care for your clothes like the good friends they are, joan crawford


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