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I’ve spent my life joyfully celebrating friends and family.

supporting them as they build their homes and nurseries

(and have even done wedding makeup for more than a few

brides and their bridal parties]. now I’m embarking on a

journey to build my business and I’ve decided to ask for

that same support!

Questions? Email me!

A Quick Gift

$15 gift A gift like this will help us keep our email server going, buying materials like thread for our alterationists, and mini marketing campaigns on social media.
$25 gift A gift like this will give us time to apply for grants, loans, and other time consuming research.
$50 gift A gift like this will help us network to find new consumers, partners, and opportunities.
$100 gift A gift like this will help us with customer acquisition including things like promotions, free fittings, and tailor travel costs while we grow.
$250 gift A gift like this will create opportunities for mini pop-ups with independents and more effective Google ads.
$500 gift A gift like this will be partially set aside for unexpected expenses.
$1,000 gift An incredibly generous gift like this will expand our reach and allow us to recruit, create our web app, and hire our internal team.
$10,000 and over gift If you would like to give a gift like this, it’s more likely you would like to invest. I’ll reach out about our pre-seed round! Email me!

Membership and Fees

$2,000 Luminary This is has been an integral part of our growth in development, learning, connecting, and even a space to provide our service. For more information on Luminary, you can go
$1,500 Year long Dreamers & Doers Membership This community has potential for big networking opportunities and press. It has been on my wish list for a long time and the next cohort applications close soon! Find out more on Dreamers & Doers.
$85 1 Month Financial Gym Membership As a growing company, we are always looking for ways to be most effective with our investments. This is a wish list item that will give us necessary financial coaching as we grow. For more information on The Financial Gym, you can go to
$1300 Manhattan Vintage Show Pop-ups are a big growth and visibility area for alternew. Manhattan Vintage Show and other pop-ups don’t have immediate revenue results for us, but are worth the future growth.
$$$ Gifter’s Choice Do you have a gift you think would be perfect and isn’t listed? Or advise for a budding entrepreneur! I’m here for it! Email me!

Donate Your Time

5 hour pledge Donate Services Are you a lawyer? Financial Advisor? Or feel you have a skill that might be useful to alternew? Email me!
5 hour pledge Introductions Know a podcast or panel that Nancy or her team would be great for? Email me!
5 hour pledge Design Are you a graphic designer or artist? Have you been doing your own alterations projects? We’d love film, photos, or copy we can use on our different engagement channels! Email me!
20 minute pledge Social Media – Instagram Algorithms are tough! We need all the likes and engagement we can get as Investors are always looking for your potential outreach and this is a great addition to our proof of concept. Instagram
20 minute pledge Social Media – LinkedIn If LinkedIn is your social media of choice, this is a great way to get us additional visibility and credit with both customers and investors. LinkedIn
20 minute pledge Social Media – Facebook If Facebook is your outlet of choice, please like, comment, or share content that connects with you! Or let me know what kind of content you want to see! Facebook
20 minute pledge Book a service! If you’re in the New York area, you can support alternew by booking an in-home tailoring service! Book here!

Other Gifts

$99  Technology – alternew app Support our app build! This will be a huge undertaking, but with enough gifts and fundraising, we will be able to create a “seamless” (too bad that name was already taken, haha) app that will help our customers to quickly and efficiently book alteration services.
$22 Email Subscription Monthly cost to keep our email up and running!
$60 Accounting – QuickBooks Monthly subscription so we can get invoices out, taxes paid, and keep tabs on our cash flow!
$300 Lawyer Retainer Creating a business is a long, winding road, and completely impossible without the help of a skilled attorney!
$125 Accountant/CFO Retainer A huge need and a must have as we go through our financial models and help give our customers the best price possible while paying our tailors fairly!
$250 Insurance This is one of the most important pieces to having tailors go into client homes.
$99 Marketing Public relations, press releases, and visibility are key to success as a growing company. In the right hands, we can grow exponentially.
$79 Gift certificate Looking to gift alterations or a consultation to a friend? We can send a pre-paid invoice to a friend or family member! Email me!

How Your Gift Will Help alternew and me

Your investment will help us grow alternew in these essential ways:

  • Build the seamless digital alterations scheduling experience you deserve
  • Recruit seasoned alterations specialists, burgeoning talent, and pair them together in an improved ecosystem of alterations talent
  • Train our tailors in the alternew approach, emphasizing sustainability, inclusivity, body positivity, and customization

  • Tailor your clothes to give them a second life, improve fit, and deliver the body-affirming alterations experience you’ve always dreamed of
invest in us!
spools of colored thread

The alternew Mission

Fashion needs to change, and we’re here to change it. With a few simple pins, a stitch here and there, we can deliver an improved fit and extend the life of the clothes you already own. Making alterations more accessible can reduce the 80 pounds of clothing the average American throws away each year, and we’re here to make that process just as fun as shopping for some new duds. We are dedicated to centering sustainability, inclusivity, body positivity, and clothing customization at every step of the way.

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How it Works

Our process for delivering a
1% alterations experience
for the 99%.

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Our Philosophy

We believe in changing
the fashion economy
one stitch
at a time.

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