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Hem (Straight Skirt) $30
Hem (over 75 Inches ) $65
Hem (Keep Original Border) $75
Hem (Full Skirt) (under 75 Inches) $50
Hem (Full Skirt) $40
Hem (Shorten from the Waist) $75
Hand Hem (under 72 Inches) $80
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Shorten Sleeve Plain $30
Shorten Sleeves (Placket) $40
Shorten Blouse $58
Taper Sleeves and Sides $45
Darts $20
Sides in Through Armhole $30
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Reshape Neckline $60
Fix the Strap $18
Add Hook and Eye $12
Take in Side Seams through Armhole $35
Take in Side Seams (French Seams through Waist) $35
Add a Waist Seam Front and Back $95
Take in Darts $20
Take in Side Seams + Lining $30
Take in Darts + Lining $30
Shorten Straps (Skinny Straps) $18
Take in Center Back Seam with Zipper $55
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Shorten Sleeves Plain $50
Shorten Sleeves (Detail) $68
Sides In/Out $40
Center Seam In/Out $40
Hem Coat Plain $65
Hem Coat Reversible $95
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Hem Plain $20
Hem by Hand $25
Taper $30
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Original Hem $30
Plain Hem $20
Remove Waistband and Take in (Center Back) $35
Taper $30
Taper with Topstitching $35
Repair Holes in Crotch $18 per hole
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Women’s Blazer

Shorten Plain $40
Shorten From the Top $90 – $120
Take in Sides $45
Take In/Out Center $45
Hem $60 +
Shoulder Pads $20
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Will be determined by Tailor at Fitting.

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Replace Buttons $4
Elbow Patches $15 plus materials
Replace Zipper $35 Plus Cost of Zipper


Pricing for other alterations will be based on the material, difficulty, and scale of alterations and will be determined by the tailor.

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At alternew, it is our main goal to be transparent, convenient, and accessible.

Neck Line

Prefer a v-neck? A scoopneck? Crewneck feel too tight? The neckline is one of the simplest ways to create garments that fit your personal preference and taste!


Ignore the size! Look for something that fits your widest body part, and then tailor everything else down.


Love the fit of a pant, make it your favorite shorts. Have a midi skirt from last year, but looking for a mini to add? Look no further than a simple hem!


Collars and cuffs see the highest amount of use in a shirt.  They deserve a sustainable refresh, try a print or a contrasting shade!


Find the perfect fit, get the sleeves hemmed. Tired of your blazer? Take the sleeves off entirely and make yourself a vest!


We want you to take control of your wardrobe, and we’re here to help!  Let us assess your requests and let you know how best to achieve what you’re looking for!

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