How it Works

We are an on-demand clothing alteration and repair service, connecting customers to alteration specialists.

Any where from home to gym to work!

We provide services to all shapes and sizes, promoting body positivity, extended clothing life, individualization as well as sustainability.

A fresh angle for a stale industry!

Step 1

Clothing or textiles are torn, buttons are missing, hem or sleeves are too long.
Quick refresh with new buttons, trims, or lengths.

Step 2

A few taps on the screen to confirm the difficulty of alteration and we’ll connect you with the right technician for the job.

Step 3

Technician arrives to do preliminary pinning.

Alterations done on sight for premium tier pricing.

Step 4

Finished projects are messengered, shipped, or brought by the technician.

Step 5


You deserve to feel amazing in your clothes. Bring us your tired, your weary, your poorly fitting garments and find out how we can make them alternew!

Ownership of your wardrobe

Alter clothes, not your schedule

Alterations convenience

Clothes are mass produced, bodies are not

Best fit clothes feel good in

Let's socialize

Let us know HOW we can help you