NYC Face Mask Initiative

NYC Face Mask Initiative

There is an urgent need for face masks, especially in NYC right now! According to the CDC, fabric masks are a crisis response option when other supplies have been exhausted. NYC Hospitals will run out of supplies in a week if some haven’t already. High risk patients and caregivers have no means of protection and cases of Coronavirus are expected to spike

Incredible Support

We’ve had an INCREDIBLE outpouring of support and an EXTRAORDINARY response to our call for materials and sewing technicians as well as hospital staff and caregivers with IMMEDIATE needs. We realized we have no time to waste and need funds to get this executed in a meaningful way!

Face Mask Requests

Click the link below to request handmade face masks if you are front line workers in the NYC area hospitals, clinics, food banks and any emergency services.
If you’re not in the NYC area, please submit anyway. We will do our best to fill your request as our effort expands. THANK YOU for the work you are doing to keep our city safe and healthy

hospital worker with facemask
NYC Face Mask Initiative

Sewing Technicians

We have 120 sewing technicians and growing! We have materials to send out! We have delivery systems in place! We have the capacity to make at least 5,000 masks per week and much more with your donation!

Are you interested in sewing or helping with driving or donations? We would love your help! Please fill out the attached form and we’ll reach out soon.

Mask drop-off and material pick up for sewers

Pick up and drop off locations for masks and materials – Drop off your home-sewn masks at any of the pins. Look for bins with bright orange duct tape on the top. If you cannot get to a bin for any reason, email us to have a volunteer pick up at your home.

Weekly Zoom calls Saturdays 5pm EST!

We’re here to help you in any way we can. Participate in our weekly zoom calls to answer any questions you may have as a sewer or donor or community member. Click below to join our next call or listen to previously recorded meetings.

We’re starting to get masks out to hospitals
and have been assured that these masks are truly saving lives.
It’s incredible to hear all these stories.

The first $5,000 we receive will make 9,000 masks

  • $10,000 in donations can allow us to make up to 14,000 masks for hospitals and those in need.
  • $20,000 in donations can allow us to make up to 28,000 masks for hospitals and those in need.
  • $25,000 in donations can allow us to make up to 35,000 masks for hospitals and those in need.
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Please know that your family and your own financial health is paramount, but if you have the ability to give even a small donation, it could truly save a life! Please consider making a donation if you can!

We need to provide people who can sew and are willing to help the access to resources at once, providing an opportunity to significantly contribute. And we need to get these face masks to the people who protect us. Let’s get these masks made!! We have also asked our sewing technicians and other partners to help us capture their journey and hashtag so you can truly watch what your money can do!!

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