Clothing fit for wardrobe longevity

Clothing fit is a crucial element of wardrobe longevity. A garment that doesn’t fit well or give you the confidence to wear it won’t stand the test of time, no matter how high quality it may be. The problem with standardized sizing systems is that they assume averaging proportions will offer a good fit to a wide range of people and bodies. This is simply not the case. Unique shapes and proportions cannot be universally addressed with measurements alone.

“Tailoring your wardrobe: A step closer to a flawless fit.”

At Alternew, we believe that making alterations more accessible and incorporating fashion care into the routine of buying new clothes also helps to mitigate many of the body insecurities that come with fashion’s chaotic sizing systems and dissatisfactory clothing fit. Alternew highlights convenience and trust as crucial elements in the fashion care journey. This includes updated fashion care specialist profiles, alternew vetted badges, and a seamless appointment experience, just to name a few features. But convenience are just just pieces of this important puzzle to be solved. The alternew team believes that getting something altered or fixed should never mean being judged. They want you to feel comfortable and confident in your own skin, and believe that starts with clothing that fits you just right. One size cannot and should not fit all. The high we experience upon buying a new garment wears off for around two-thirds of people after just a day. However, we often find that after taking a garment through the experience of being altered or personalized, the relationship between the wearer and the garment is strengthened.

“Get the perfect fit every time: A beginner’s guide to measuring your own body.”

When buying clothes online, we recommend taking your own measurements and aligning them to the brand’s size chart. Fit For Everybody is a great platform to use when it comes to learning how to take your measurements. Their mission is to create an inclusive sizing system that considers a variety of measurements from a variety of people, not just the traditional bust, waist, and hip circumference, but also shoulder width, bicep, and sleeve length, among others. Fit For Everybody has a shopper-side committed to helping shoppers to learn how to take accurate measurements. Don’t restrict yourself to any one number. If your bust and waist measurements align to a size 16 and your hips to a size 18, opt for the larger size. Clothing is always easier to take in than let out, so following this rule sets you up to work with an expert and craft the perfect fit.

Keeping the clothing we already have for longer is the single best thing we can do for the planet. The fashion industry is one of the most polluting industries in the world, and by extending the life of our clothes, we can help reduce waste and lessen our impact on the environment. Sustainability doesn’t have to come at the cost of style. With a few simple adjustments and a greater understanding of your own measurement, mass-produced fast-fashion clothing can have a bespoke fit, and you can feel empowered and confident when you walk into a room.

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